Security Assessment

What is a Security assessment?

Do you want to know where you stand with regard to your information security? Then Securable is happy to carry out a Security assessment for you. A Securable security expert tests your systems and reports his/her findings. With the help of this report, we can guide our customers both cost-effectively and qualitatively towards more effective information security. 

When Securable carries out a Security assessment, we include all aspects of your organization in order to obtain the most complete picture possible. 

How do we work?

The process consists of the following steps:

  • It always starts with a conversation, so that you can indicate what we can best help you with. Naturally, we supplement this with our knowledge and expertise, in order to arrive at a balanced picture. 
  • This is followed by an interview with all tactical and strategic managers of your processes. 
  • We look at the awareness of your staff, through interviews and spearfishing techniques.
  • The reports are delivered in writing by an expert. We draw up an improvement plan in our reports, aimed at better security, without hindering your business processes. In a presentation we explain the reports with our findings.

In short: if you want to take the first step towards better security as quickly as possible, choose a Security assessment from Securable.

What else can the Securable assessment report help you with?

  • compliance audits 
  • Taking out a cybersecurity insurance policy 
  • Creating compliance rules