Secure Portal

Secure Portal

Identity plays a major role in improving information security. By verifying identity, you can decide whether or not a system or person can access certain information. And when you are able to store these consultations on a secure system, you not only have a log that can serve as digital forensic evidence, but it also helps you in your audits. However, setting up this type of verification identification system is often complex and expensive. Securable can offer this quickly and for a good price-quality ratio by combining various existing techniques.

Makeup of the Secure Portal

Multifactor Authentication

A password alone is no longer enough for security. These are guessed, cracked or lost. It is wise to choose a second source of authentication. This makes it much more difficult for an attacker to steal your data. This is exactly what our Secure Portal offers. No complex systems, no required application support, just a second source of authentication of your choice. This second key can be anything: an application on your phone (Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator, etc.) or a hardware token (Yubikey).

Immutable log

Often hacks also modify your logs so there is no evidence that a hack ever happened or how it happened. This makes it much more difficult to take action during or after an attack to prevent or limit the attack. Still, you are required to keep track of what happens on your systems and risk a fine if you fail to hand over these logs. The Secure Portal offers you “Immutable Logs”. These are logs that cannot be changed. With this we can help you to fend off attacks and you avoid high fines. At the same time, you can more easily meet your (compliance) standards and this can be used by your employees (for example, when a change has been made with negative consequences).


Enterprises often have programs that are indispensable to the organization, but are outdated in terms of security. These programs often have outdated encryption of their traffic or sometimes no encryption at all. Rewriting these programs is expensive and time consuming. With our Secure Portal, no adjustments need to be made to your program, but you still get a strongly encrypted connection. Also, if you choose, your employees can use it to work remotely.