Security Information Event Management (SIEM)

What does a SIEM?

The Securable SIEM monitors your systems. This way you can see when one of your systems is logged into and by whom. But you can also see, for example, what task is being performed. The Securable SIEM even detects most internal and external attacks and can alert you so you can take action and prevent further harm to you system(s).

How does a SIEM help with compliance?

Would you like to know whether your systems comply with, for example, GDPR/ISO or other requirements? How do you know your systems are set to the best and most secure settings? This can be a difficult and time consuming job. The Securable SIEM monitors this for you and reports when one of your systems deviates from the desired configuration. This way you no longer have to worry during audits and you do not risk high fines.

Malware doesn't stand a chance

Worried about ransomware, rootkits or other attacks? With the Securable SIEM you are always aware of which software you have installed where. We also provide reports stating which vulnerabilities are present in this software and we advise you on what measures you can take to close these vulnerabilities. So you can concentrate on your business again.