Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness trainingen

Most attacks (70%) are carried out using some form of social engineering. The human being is manipulated to grant the attacker access. Securable provides training on this method of attack. We do this with concrete examples of simulated attacks and role plays with your employees. During this simulation we will discuss the recognition of and defense against these attacks. We offer different forms of this training. Read on and see which training suits you best or contact us for a tailor-made training.

Our trainings

Interactive workshop

Increase the digital resilience of your organization through a tailor-made workshop. We create workshops for different levels of experience and provide concrete, applicable solutions that you or your employees can use immediately.


Do you have a specific topic that you and your employees would like to know more about? For example digital resilience, ransomware, phishing and password policy. Then we would be happy to come by and present it to you.

Scenario training

We create a scenario that can be followed for a specific situation. This can be a disaster recovery or what to do if it is suspected that an unauthorized person has access to a system.